JCBespoke Furniture – Bespoke furniture design service design that are made to fit the customer’s specifications with the exact size and design you need, often for around the same price of our standard Ready made furniture ranges

We make our own furniture using our own skilled craftsmen, and many items from our standard ranges are individually made pieces. We regularly design and create custom made furniture for our commercial clients for use in restaurants, clubhouse, showroom.

Bespoke furniture allows you to have your ideas implemented by JCBespoke craftsmen exude an air of “Elegance-Simplified” for your home.

Whatever your particular requirements, we will discuss them with you and give you a free estimate of the likely cost, with no obligation to proceed.

version 4-1 (5224 x 1860)

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Process to Bespoke your unique piece to fit in your spot.

Step 1

The Idea

First is to get a good idea of what you would like to bespoke and some key elements of what you would like it to look like along with the size of the piece.

The internet, magazines and sites like Houzz and Pinterest are all great places to find inspiration and ideas of styles for your new piece of furniture.Or perhaps you have an architect or interior designer that has specified or drawn a concept for you. Our specialist also able to advice and share some ideas as well.

Step 2

Design & Quote

Second is to bring your inspiration/design and rough sizes of the piece to discuss face to face, FB messenger or any on line messenger. From the discussion, we will advice wood and/or colour samples and suitable finishing for different usage. To finalise all the details of the piece like size, drawer/door layouts, handles etc…

Finalising the details

Once the quote is accepted, we will provide a detail 3D drawing with deposit paid. We will provide you an approximate delivery date.